My name is Claudia Medin, and I was born in 1977 in Hamburg/Germany. After completing my studies of languages and literature, I worked for various children's book publishers in Germany and Great Britain for 12 years - an activity that filled me with immense joy and allowed me to grow.   


In 2016 I decided that it was time for something new. I came up with a plan to bring together my passion for sports and the long-standing desire to work with older people - so I went on to become a certified Personal Fitness Trainer and completed additional training in the areas of senior sports, water fitness and first aid in sport.   


And I moved to Tenerife, the island I love and have known for over 20 years. I pursue my goals with great enthusiasm and am passionate about my new job. I have a great knowledge of the human body, the aging process and the benefits of physical activity in old age, motivational strategies, training methods suitable for seniors and much more - I would like to share this know-how in working with you in order to make your daily life even more enjoyable. Let's have a chat - I am looking forward to meeting you!