Strength training for seniors - for stronger muscles, stable bones and joints and greater well-being. Functional movements (i. e. movements of everyday life such as climbing stairs, carrying heavy shopping bags,...) are trained in a targeted way. 


Flexibility training - for improved mobility, supple muscles and flexible, painless joints 


Fall prevention training - for a better balance in everyday life, faster reaction time, less fear of falls and better mobility 


Fascial training - for firm and elastic connective tissue, a healthy posture, better well-being and pain reduction through self-massage  


Aqua Fitness/Water gymnastics - a whole-body wellness workout that is easy on the joints, with or without music, but in any case with lots of fun.  


Individual training - the individual training sessions include elements from all the areas mentioned above. You will receive a training plan tailored to your goals and needs, which we carry out together.