Offers & Prices


Personal Training (PT) is based on a relationship of trust and sympathy between customer and trainer, and is designed for optimal success in the long term (> 3 months). For this reason, the first steps of our cooperation are an introductory meeting, a short sports medical check-up and, if necessary, a light fitness test - all this is free of charge for you.     


Thereafter, the training consists of one-on-one training at your home (once per week, 60 minutes) and small group training on the beach and in the park (at least 3 options per week, times and location on request). It also includes regular one-on-one interviews and additional support to achieve your goals. This form of collaboration is highly effective and at the same time versatile and tailored to your individual needs.   


Participation 2 times per week: 100 EUR per month 

Participation 3 times per week: 135 EUR per month


six-card for small group training at the beach/in the park: 50 EUR

ten-card for small group training at the beach/ in the park: 85 EUR


Drop me a line and get an invitation to a free taster lesson!


If you prefer a more flexible solution or are limited in mobility, I recommend one-to-one training at your home. Here, too, the first appointment is based on an introductory chat, a short sports medical check-up and, if necessary, a light fitness test. The results will be used to design a training session for you, which we will then conduct together. Through 1-to-1 support, I can give you more background information on the purpose of each exercises and make sure that you perform the exercises correctly - this minimizes the risk of injury and should enhance your motivation. After the first training session you will receive a short training plan, which you can use by yourself on a regular basis. Recommended are 2-4 individual training hours per month, i. e. in weekly or bi-weekly intervals. 


Single-PT-hour (1 person): 35 EUR 

Single-PT-hour (2 persons): 60 EUR


Package price for 5 hours: 150 EUR (you save 25 EUR) 

Package price for 10 hours: 300 EUR (you save 50 EUR)


Group price for water fitness (minimum of 4 persons) in your pool: 10 EUR per person