What is Personal Training? 


Personal training is tailor-made fitness training within the framework of a personal guidance of individuals by a certified trainer. The support normally includes the definition of goals, the setting up of a training plan, the execution of individual training, the correction of erroneous movement sequences, the explanation of training equipment, support during motivational dips, dietary changes etc., feedback discussions, and much more. 


It is an investment worthwhile for anyone who seriously wants to make a big or small difference in their life. With the necessary knowledge, the right motivation and a little time and commitment, everyone - and especially people who have not been active in sports before - can achieve great improvements. 


I am specially trained in sports for the elderly and know the interplay of sports and diseases such as high blood pressure, arthritis, depression, diabetes, osteoporosis etc. well. Do not hesitate to get in touch - together we can achieve more!


 What are the advantages of Personal Training?   

  • You and I work as a team. Together we can achieve more! Your success is my success!

  • You develop and set your personal short- and long-term goals yourself - with my help and support

  • the close relationship between customer and trainer enables precise training and can be adapted at any time if required

  • the goals will be reached faster and maintained longer

  • the training is less risky due to personal supervision

  • it is a comprehensive approach - in addition to sport, nutritional and psychological elements can also incorporated.

  • Appointments according to your wishes

  • no travelling for you with individual lessons - I come to your home

  • I will motivate you, we will celebrate together successes and overcome obstacles, barriers and small crises together.